Weekly Roundup: Third Edition

I’m sitting here trying to think of a perky way to introduce this third weekly roundup at Fruclassity, but I’m not feeling perky! Maybe it’s the weather? We’ve been promised a warm, sunny week-end in these parts, but I’m not holding my breath. It snowed a few days ago!

March 2015 Net Worth Update & Q1 Update

Your personal finance journey is not always going to be perky-inducing, and C. from The Single Dollar gave her March update with a frank acknowledgement that it had not been a stellar month financially. She made sure to add humour and perspective to her update, and that is key. There will be both ups and downs on anyone’s road to debt-freedom or financial freedom. It takes a lot of emotional maturity to stay the course. And C. has got it!

 What Habits Are On Your Morning Routine Checklist?

MMD from My Money Design wrote a post that included his morning routine. Item #4 was  “Exercise for at least 30 minutes.” I have never managed to keep up a good workout regimen from home. For me, there has always been a gym membership involved in physical fitness. So I’m intrigued by the success of people like MMD in keeping fit frugally. My gym membership will expire in June. Maybe time for home-grown fitness?

I Can Manage My Finances But I Can’t Lose Weight

With more on the theme of financial fitness and physical fitness, I enjoyed Chonce’s post at My Debt Epiphany. As the title of the post suggests, Chonce has a more difficult time with the discipline involved in her physical fitness goals than she does with discipline needed for her financial goals. For me, it’s the opposite. Everyone approaches these two areas of fitness with unique aptitudes and challenges, and since Chonce is so transparent about hers, my bet is that she’ll succeed in both : )

How Acting “As If” Can Help You Achieve Success

I generally find New Age fads like “manifestation” a bit flaky, but Tonya writes with good insight in her new position at Frugal Rules. “To me the exercise is more mental (visualizing) and somewhat physical . . . than anything else.” To act “as if” I’ve achieved my financial goals, I will hereby start  belting out a big “WE’RE DEBT-FREEEEEEEEEEE!” à la Dave Ramsey. That’s not too flaky. That’s practice!

Cents, Sense & Sensibility

It was in the comments section to Tonya’s post that I noticed Linsdsey@Cents, Sense & Sensibility. I’m a big fan of Jane Austen (author of Sense & Sensibility), so I was intrigued by the name of her site. I’ve linked to her “About Me” page. Lindsey, like many of us, found herself overwhelmed by a combination of debt and personal misfortune, and – again, like many of us – she is being proactive in turning her situation around. Her honesty is raw, and she writes with a disarming authenticity.

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12 comments on “Weekly Roundup: Third Edition

  1. Looks like awesome stuff here, Ruth! Thanks for sharing. I’m a big believer in “acting if”. It helps me make decisions as a person who is responsible with money, even if my balance sheet from past mistakes shows otherwise.

    1. “Acting as if” offers good practice for those of us who are leaving past mistakes behind and embracing a future of abundance : )

  2. Thanks so much for including me!! I know exactly what you mean about new age stuff being kind of flaky. I personally hated the secret so I didn’t know what to expect with Jack’s book, but there are some tools that can’t at least hurt to try. Nothing that costs money. 🙂

  3. You are welcome, Tonya. And you’re right – visualizing doesn’t cost a cent! It’s a neat concept to try to adopt the feelings and attitudes that come with the fulfillment of dreams – as if to welcome that fulfillment.

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