Weekly Roundup: Ninth Edition

Ever notice how personal finance blogs touch upon just about everything? PF blogs cover such a broad range of topics – from spending temptations to job loss; from the pain of getting into financial shape to the freedom of pursuing what you want; from one school of PF thought to another … Today’s weekly roundup will give you a sampling of the topics out there. Enjoy!

In her post Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You), Shannon from Financially Blonde offers this bit of advice: “If you set goals for yourself, make sure that you push yourself and that your goals create fear and pain in your life.” I love that honesty! We so often encounter messages, in our search for wisdom on any topic – certainly finances, about how “easy it really is.” But it’s NOT easy! Especially if you’re trying to turn things around, and that’s a tough sell in this culture of comfort-on-demand. Fear and pain? Not so comfortable. But it just might be a sign that you’re on the right track!

When I read 10 Ways to Stop Emotional Spending by Christina from Embracing Simple, I found that I experienced several “That’s right!” and “Ah-ha!” moments. I think that everyone with a money problem has this in common: We spend to make ourselves feel better. (And then, so often, we feel awful about it!) If you catch yourself in the act of emotional spending, step back and apply some of these gems break the habit.

Kayla wrote Should You Pay Off Debt with a Laser Focus? over at The Wealth Gospel. There are different schools of thought when it comes to questions like, “What’s more important? Decreasing debt or increasing savings?” Even though I’m pretty set in my ways (following Dave Ramsey’s plan), I find it interesting to read about how other people approach their challenges in personal finance.

One of the appeals of financial independence is the freedom to do really cool things that the 9-to-5 lifestyle makes it difficult to pursue. Kay at LifeStyleVoices wrote the post E-books and E-xplanations about one such really cool undertaking. Upon his passing, Kay’s father-in-law left to her husband (his son) a box full of proposed inventions that people had submitted in 1939. What do you do with something like that? Well . . . read and find out : )

After 20 years working with the same company, Brian from Debt Discipline finds himself in the position of needing to write a Resume. I really admire the way in which Brian is approaching this difficult time by go back to the basics and doing what needs to be done. You’re got a cheering section wishing you very well, Brian!

Have a great week-end!


10 comments on “Weekly Roundup: Ninth Edition

  1. Thank you SO much for including my post in this roundup! Pain and fear are definitely not feelings that we want to have but if we accept that they are a reality on the road to financial wellness then we will get there faster. 🙂 Have a great weekend!!

    1. Many “experts” tend to cover up the reality of pain and fear when trying to advocate for turning finances around. You, on the other hand, just say it like it is. I appreciate that!

  2. Thanks, Ruth! I have to say, the e-books have been so much fun, especially the inventions one. It’s so nice to have something to focus on that’s so interesting to boot. I have some post catching up to do. The only one I’ve read up there is Christina’s. 🙂 Thanks again! So good to get HAPPY news like this. 🙂

    1. That inventions box is so unique. I’ve never heard of anything like it. I’m glad that you chose to share it with the world by writing a book. I can see a movie being produced too – of all those people hoping against hope through the unemployment of the ’30s that their inventions would make it and be their ticket out of poverty.

  3. Thanks for the mention Ruth!

    Honestly, one of my favorite things about PF is that it can encompass so many topics. When you really look at it, almost everything can be covered 🙂

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