Weekly Roundup: Fifth Edition

If you’re on a journey out of debt, one of the best things you can do to keep yourself motivated is to adopt the habit of reading about the experiences of others who are trekking right along with you. Most of us don’t have the opportunity or comfort level to talk about the details of our debt-reduction goals in real life, but there’s a whole community willing to discuss ALL things debt (and there are SO MANY things) online.

Here are some of the posts that kept me motivated on my own journey out of debt this past week:

Chonce, from My Debt Epiphany, wrote “Money Smart Week: How Not to Go Broke When Paying Off Your Debt”.

Chonce manages to be straight-forward, sensible, and genuinely positive in her efforts to build a solid financial base for herself and her young family. I’ve read many of her posts, but this past week, I found myself actually getting weepy as I gained new insight into her story. In sharing her great strategies for Money Smart Week, she linked to a previous post that she had written about moving in order to save money. “Right now I’m not really focused on having the best of the best when it comes to housing. I may not have a dishwasher, washer and dryer, or vaulted ceilings in my apartment and those things aren’t important to me right now. What’s important to me is a clean, comfortable and safe place where I can build a home without struggling to afford it.” A young, working mother choosing to do without a dishwasher, washer, and dryer for the sake of building secure financial future . . . Both humbling and inspiring.

Brian, from Debt Discipline, wrote “Vacation Accomplished!”

Sometimes I wonder, What will we do once we’re out of debt? One of the things I really hope to do is to go on a great family vacation. Brian and his wife succeeded in paying off $109,000 in credit card debt, and they’ve recently returned from a debt-free trip with their children. For the 16th birthday of their twins, they spent seven fabulous days in Orlando, Florida. At one point, this is the sort of post that would have just left me feeling envious, but this past week, I found it motivating. If Brian and his wife can pay of their debt, save up for a family vacation, and pay for it upfront, then so can we!

Travis, from Enemy of Debt, wrote “The Effect of Debt . . . We’ve Come A LONG Way.”

Travis is the first debt-blogger I followed regularly, and I continue to be struck by the extent to which I can relate to his experience. Like Brian, Travis and his wife paid off $109.000 in credit card debt. (The exact same amount of cc debt! How likely is that?) This past week, Travis needed to buy a rope gasket, and he realized how easy it was to buy one now compared to the time he needed to get one when he was still deep in cc debt. Back then, it was a stress to find the $35 necessary for the purchase. Now, it’s a no-brainer. I love the small freedoms that come with debt-reduction! I still don’t know what a rope gasket is, but I do know that I want more of that freedom.

Jay, from Budgets are $exy, featured an anonymous guest post from a woman in her sixties: “What I’ve Learned About Money Over 60+ Years”.

Two things struck me in particular about this woman’s story. First of all, she never earned a huge income. In fact, she never earned more that $50,000 per year. It wasn’t her income that led to the financial freedom she now enjoys; it was what she did with that income. Secondly, this woman did not have an easy life. Two divorces under very difficult circumstances would derail many people – but not this woman. I found myself feeling so happy that she has been triumphant.

Mareen, from A Debt Free Stress Free Life, wrote “12 Promises to Make If You’re Serious About Getting Out of Debt”.

Look through these promises and see which ones you can make to yourself. Maureen will be starting a video series on each promise starting this coming Tuesday. I’m looking forward to tuning in.

I wish you lots of inspiration and encouragement as you carry on in your journey out of debt and towards financial freedom. Remember that you are not facing your challenges alone. All the best in the week ahead!

12 comments on “Weekly Roundup: Fifth Edition

  1. Thanks so much for including my post! BTW, rope gasket looks pretty much exactly like normal rope but is used on things like wood burning stoves, and fireplace doors to form an airtight seal when you close the door. There’s even rope gasket on most oven doors. I’m happy to hear I was able to provide some inspiration! 🙂

  2. Thanks for including my post! Glad it could provide some motivation for you! That’s the main reason I started to blog to share our story to hopefully help others. The PF community is my personal support group. So much to learn and be motivated by. Can’t wait to see the photos from you debt free vacation!

    1. That is a very kind sentiment, Brian : ) That family vacation is still a long way off, and our kids will all be so much older – probably all young adults by that point. But one thing I’ve heard is that no kid is ever too old to enjoy a trip paid for by their parents : )

  3. Thanks so much for including my post! A dishwasher is probably one of the last things on my priority list right now, haha. You ladies are in my roundup this week as well. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you Choncé. I hope you avoid a dishwasher for as long as possible – because once you have one, it’s hard to do without. You should publish your priority list! It’s a very good one : )

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