Weekly Roundup #39

For Weekly Roundup #36 I said that “I love hearing good news stories! Especially when it’s from someone who has struggled with significant discouragement before gaining victory.” I knew at the time that Brian from Debt Discipline had received a job offer, but I couldn’t include it in that roundup because he hadn’t made it public. Well he has now. “I’ve Landed” tells Brian’s story of a new beginning. He went through months of unemployment after spending years getting his financial act together – all consumer debt paid off and a healthy emergency fund in place – and what a difference that made! All the best as you turn a new page, Brian!

One post I did include in that roundup announced the wonderful news from Frugalwoods about Babywoods’ birth. Mrs. FW had shared months earlier the sad drain of hope she had experienced through multiple visits with fertility experts – until hope came bounding in with her pregnancy. All we knew in December was that Babywoods and Mrs. FW were both healthy and happy. What we know now is that the birth itself was fraught with danger. “The Unexpected Circumstances of Babywoods’ Birth” tells the story of what the Frugalwoods faced when the big moment came. Mrs. FW expresses some concern about “oversharing” – but there are topics that are in need of opening up, and childbirth is one of them. We’re so, so glad that this story has a happy ending – to set the stage for a happy beginning.

Speaking of opening up, J. Money at Budgets are Sexy thinks it’s high time we open up about our finances. In his post “What If You Could See *DEBT* Like You Could Snow?” he talks about the huge snowstorm that is hitting the East Coast and compares it to the huge amounts of debt that we live with today – both personal and national. What if we could see those debts the way we see that snow? We’re paying a lot more attention to the snow – which will melt before too long – than we are to those debts – which will stick around until we each do something about it. What do you think about making our debts more “visible”? What would happen if we opened up?

One post that could have been written just for me was written by Hannah at Unplanned Finance.  Many of us have heard of and practiced the “debt snowball” – in which we focus on paying off the smallest debt first and then snowball the extra money towards the next smallest debt as soon as that first one has gone . . . But once we’ve reached the debt-free-except-for-the-mortgage state, we’re a bit lost. We know that money has to be saved and invested as we pay off the mortgage, but somehow the shift is hard to make. In her post, “The Investing Snowball: How to save and invest once you’re out of debt” Hannah applies the principles of the debt-snowball towards savings and investments. Clever! Sometimes, all it takes to really get an unfamiliar concept is to see it through a familiar lens. Thanks for offering that perspective, Hannah!

Sometimes I like to think about what I would do if I became wealthy . . . At How To Get Rich Slowly, Laura Beth shares “The Incredible Story of Percy Ross, The Millionaire Who Gave Away His Fortune.” One block that some of us have to overcome in building up financial fitness is a conviction that a focus on money is morally shallow – and it certainly can be if that focus becomes an idolization of money. But when it’s kept in perspective, money management can lead to incredible good. Read Percy Ross’ story . . . and then think about what you will do when you become wealthy.

Enjoy your week-end. If you’re on the East Coast, good luck with the snowstorm! The best thing to do is to curl up all cozy, safe, and warm at home . . .  and read great blog posts about personal finance : ) Happy reading!



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