Weekly Roundup #22

From 8:00 until noon today, we’ll be taking part in a street garage sale organized by yours truly. I’ve wanted to purge our home of excess stuff for over a year. Finally, it’s happening!

Speaking of getting rid of stuff . . . Kay, now at Prosperously Speaking, wrote a whimsical post entitled “The Perks and Quirks of the PF Community: Minding our P’s and Q’s“. In it, she encourages us to be be aware of the multiple influences that have the power to sway us as we read PF blogs – influences that don’t necessarily jive together – or with our respective personalities. “Just be careful,” she says. I found it interesting that Kay wrote this post just at the time when the influence of her own minimalist writing was bringing out results in me. Do you sometimes get a bit disoriented by the various influences of your PF reading?

Luke Fitzgerald at Financially Fitz wrote “Your Accountant Has Two Pockets (It’s You!)” in which he reveals the tricks our minds can play on us when we do “mental accounting”. One of his examples, having to do with the ease with which most of us tend to spend “found money” – or money that we don’t expect to get and then consider a bonus – really hit home for me. I had just blown my own “found money” the day before I read his post. Check it out and see if you can recognize any of your own mind’s tricks when it comes to mental accounting.

Some of you might have been stressed by the unsteady markets this week, but not Mr. SSC at Slowly Sipping Coffee. He responded to the upheaval by writing Haiku – “Stock Market Haiku” to be precise. Not a bad strategy when things are beyond your control.

Hannah at Unplanned Finance wrote a post that touches upon one of the biggest differences between the U.S. and Canada: health care. “How to Save Money and Get What You Want” outlines her recent navigation of health care in the U.S. – and it struck me how complicated it all is! In Canada, our health care is free – with a few exceptions – but of course, our taxes are higher. What do you think? Is it better to have privatized health care and lower taxes? Or free health care and higher taxes?

C from The Single Dollar wrote a post about a time when she moved her debts around to save on interest. “Was Playing the Balance Transfer Game Dumb?” she asks. It’s a strategy that many people try. From what I see though, most people who transfer their credit card debt to lower interest debt end up using the room they free up on their credit cards. Although C didn’t make that mistake, would you advise anyone to “play the balance transfer game?

Enjoy the PF reads from this week’s roundup! And now, it’s time to make some serious cash at our garage sale : )




7 comments on “Weekly Roundup #22

  1. HA! Thanks Ruth! 🙂 I actually did write that post to address people who may have been influenced by my minimalist “quirks”, so to speak. The hubby knows and understands that this is who I am, but that people may be strongly influenced to follow what may be, you know, my “idiosyncrasies”, as it were. I know I’ve read a lot of other bloggers’ frustrations at not being financially disciplined enough compared to this blogger or not being able to deliver pizzas at night to pay off a credit card like that blogger. I think we all need to remember that we may be experiencing “hive mentality” and need to appreciate our individuality. 🙂 Now, as I put away my soap box, I just want to say that I hope you make a BUNDLE on that garage sale and I hope you’re not getting rid of more than you’re comfortable with. I’m thiiiiiiiiis close to finally giving in and buying a couch! 🙂

    1. I’m with you on the individuality thing. That’s a Fruclassity concept – right in our Mission Statement: “And what about the ‘classy’ in Fruclassity? It’s the affirmation of your uniqueness.” I think that each individual has many possible characteristics, and it’s OK to allow ourselves to stretch in directions we think are desirable – like me, stretching to become more minimalist. And there’s a fine line between stretching and going against who we are fundamentally. Hard to discern that line, but really good to be aware that it’s there. As for the couch? I say go for it!

    1. Thanks, Laurie. Right now, the cash is being directed towards our emergency fund. This is a tough Ramsey step to follow because I’m itching to attack that mortgage!

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