Weekly Roundup (16th Edition)

Welcome to the week-end Fruclasstics! Sit back and take a read through our weekly roundup posts from the personal finance bloggosphere. They include the practical, the funny, the insightful, and as always, the inspiring. You’re not alone in your financial journey! Here are some of the people sharing the trek with you:

Travis from Enemy of Debt wrote the post “It Feels Good To Be In Control”. Travis and his wife, who succeeded in paying off $109,000 in credit card debt, have lately realized they’ve been letting the good habits that allowed them to reach that milestone fall by the wayside. In an effort to regain control of their financial situation, Travis decided to . . . Well, you’ll just have to read to find out!

May from Messy Money wrote a really funny post about her “99 First World Problems”.  The things we complain about sometimes! I love the truth in this post – one in which a most valuable human possibility is inherent: that of being able to laugh at ourselves. How many of May’s first world problems are yours too?

Shannon from The Heavy Purse wrote about the first 3 of “5 Common Mistakes Small Business Owners Make”.  My husband is a small business owner, and like many people in our time, he became one after going through the – well, I’ll just say it – the hell of job loss. So many small business owners (and their spouses) feel vulnerable, and Shannon’s post touches upon our common mistakes with an insight and advice to help us move past them. I’m looking forward to reading about the last 2 of these 5 common mistakes on Monday.

Tonya from Budget And The Beach wrote “Feeling Ugly? Spend Money!” In this touching and brave post, Tonya exposes the spending trigger of her personal insecurities. “Getting your finances in order has nothing to do with your money,” I’ve heard. It’s all about honestly facing and dealing with that man or woman in the mirror. All of us have to take on our insecurities if we are to curb their power to make us spend emotionally or unconsciously. Tonya is taking on hers.

I have an abiding love for Melanie’s Dear Debt blog, where debtors of all ages, incomes, experiences, and – of course – debt have the opportunity to break up with debt officially by writing their Dear Debt letters. I’m going to cheat and point you to the 2 most recent letter writers:

  1. Tre from House of Tre wrote “Dear Debt, This Isn’t Working for Me Anymore”. Tre has been through some dark times with debt, and she’s tired of it!
  2. New kid on the block Ryan from Dad In Debt wrote “Dear Debt, Enough Is Enough”. Although he earns a very healthy income, Ryan has no small challenge to face. $120,000 in credit card, auto, and kids’ student debt besides the mortgage of $530,000. We’re behind you, Ryan! Just know that as you and your family take on this collective beast, you’ve got a cheering section!

Happy reading, and have a great week-end!



12 comments on “Weekly Roundup (16th Edition)

  1. wow thank you so much! I’m so honored that you enjoyed the post so much! Some of the others I have read this week but I’ll have to check out the others listed. Thanks for doing the homework for me! Keep up the great work ladies!

    1. If you go to Ryan’s site, you’ll see that he identifies himself as a “middle aged debt destroyer” : ) Gotta love that!

  2. Lovely choices! I’ve read Tonya’s, May’s, and Tre’s ~ love these ladies ~ as I do you and Laurie too, Ruth! 🙂 I look forward to checking out the rest, especially intriguing is the new guy. Thanks for these weekly previews! 🙂

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