Top 5 Photography Tips for Absolute Beginners

Do you wish to start an official Facebook page or Instagram account to reach to people and fuel in your photography interests? Here are some tips that could help you get great shots. Read on the following photography tips for absolute beginners to help get you started:

  • Get to know your camera and its settings well. Pull down the manual from the camera box and read. The manual will help you get a technical insight about the type of camera you own and about other settings that probably did not know even existed. You’ll get answers to all your questions. In the camera makers have taken some pain into describing all parts and facets of the camera, you should probably give it a read.
  • If you want you give your pictures a little drama, you may have to work a little harder – that is to get up early in the morning when the sun’s light is at its best or even the sun is about to set in the evening. This period is known as the golden hour. The lighting is so great; the low angle of the sun creates shadows that completely change the mood of the picture.
  • The best about this field is you get to experiment with the effects, the angles at which the image can be shot, the light, contrast, saturation and the zoom effect to capture some detail that people tend to miss out usually.
  • A grid option is available in all digital cameras that are made these days. In this particular setting, there are vertical and horizontal lines, in the form of a grid, that align on the picture, splitting the entire scene in sections. You need to hold you camera such that your subject is places on these lines for a better composition of your image.
  • Don’t be reckless; always carry an extra storage card when you head to click pictures. A good photographer will never compromise with the quality of the picture just to save memory space.

Extra Tip – A good, responsible photographer will take a lot of shots of the same scene. There is no harm in taking multiple shots, even if they all look exactly the same. You may notice the details in the first glance, but there is always one picture that is brighter, or sharper or clearer than the rest. If you have too many useless photos, you can always delete it later after a proper examination first.

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