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Tips for Writing Attention Grabbing Headlines for your Online Ads

Just as with newspapers, on websites and social media, the headline is what swings the difference in response. It is in the very first second of the reading of your headline that the customer makes his decision, whether or not he wants to read further.

HEADLINE: So firstly remember to incorporate the keywords your customer just typed, into the headline- gives out the signal to them that your work is relevant to their needs. You may have to create enough ads, n fact different groups of ads such that all the major keywords have an ad of their own. For example, if you are selling power appliances. It is obvious that more than one potential customer is going to come looking for what you sell, and they might search using keywords like “LED Solar Cooker”, “adapter” or “transformer”. You need to go to your major keyword tool (for example, Google’s Keyword Planner tool), and add all possible variations and related terms, and then separate them out into groups.

For example:
ABC Electric Kettle- “Add relevant quote”
Huge range-

  • cordless kettle
  • 2 litre kettle
  • 5 litre kettle
  • 1200 watts kettle

…and so on.

It is okay if your ad isn’t very flashy (like the one mentioned above). It is more important to speak the language that the customers speak, making sure that all possible options are being presented to them. Use your major keywords in your headline, and create as many different ad groups as you need to do this with all of your biggest keywords. That’s what makes the formula work.

AD TEXT: After your headline, the second line is where you can incorporate some more features that you offer, and convince your customer that you have what they are looking for and get more clicks. The most important point to keep in mind is to mention the benefits first, and then the list the features and offers. Your list of benefits tell the customer what you’ve written is actually useful for them. Features and offers are what your product has or what your service comprises of. These describe it, but on the other hand benefits are the emotional payoffs your customer gets from using your product.

Other little things to keep in mind: (1) Include the key-phrases in the ad’s headline.
(2) Make careful use of the punctuation.
(3) Capitalize the important words.
(4) Make careful use of the words “Free”, “Sale” and “Discount”.
(5) Use specific and concrete numbers wherever possible.

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