Tips for Planning a Budget-Friendly Family Cruise

Are you planning a budget-friendly family cruise? Cruising can turn out to be more expensive than you initially thought. If you are one of those people who easily gets enticed by the infomercials shows by the cruise companies, you need to stop and think about ways in which you may be becoming a victim of consumerism.

Here are 5 essential tips for planning a budget-friendly family cruise.

1. Book your tickets either very early or very late

Booking early or very late is the best way to get cheap tickets when planning a budget-friendly family cruise. Cruise ship companies want to lure as many people when the itinerary is launched. This way they get to jack up the prices knowing that there are enough tickets already booked.

To lure you in they might give a massive discount or offer free drinks or food for the entire journey.

This is great if you are planning a budget-friendly family cruise. Another way to get cheap tickets is by booking on the day of sailing. For this one, you need to be a bit careful as there may be many other people who would want to do the same. Cruise companies want to begin the sail by filling up all the cabins in the ship. To make this happen, they offer a massive discount on the day of sailing.

2. Travel during the shoulder season

Shoulder season is the travel period between the peak and off-peak seasons. Do not travel during the festival period or peak of any season. People are more likely to travel during these seasons and, as a result, the ticket prices skyrocket. May to August is the cheapest period if you are planning a budget-friendly family cruise. So, try to avoid other months and travel at affordable rates.

3. Older ships are not that bad

Generally, older ships have fewer amenities and are considered less fun for sailing. But this is not 100 percent true. Older ships can be as fun and exciting as the newer ships. Whenever a cruise company launches its itinerary, look for older ships with cheaper tickets.

4. Be flexible with the destination and date of sailing

Being flexible with the destination and the date of sailing is essential for planning a budget-friendly family cruise. You can travel frugally if you already have decided where and when to sail. To save money on cruise ships, you have to choose from the best budget-friendly option available to you. Also, be flexible about the type of ship you want to sail in. Some ships offer all the entertainment services on the deck itself whereas others are more concerned about taking you from point A to point B.

5. Plan longer vacations

Cruises that offer short distance packages are usually expensive. For them, it takes the same amount of preparation for a long distance journey as that if a short distance journey. Hence, long distance journeys are a lot cheaper. So, plan a holiday for more than 20 days and travel to several destinations in one go.


By having a clear budget, you can book a cruise ticket to one of your favorite destinations in the world. But also be aware of the hidden costs that may be waiting for you ahead in your journey. Make sure the prices mentioned on the ticket are all-inclusive.

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