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Strategies to Create a More Effective Social Media Presence

Social media a recent form of expression has grown immensely over the past 2 decades. With the world population reaching more than 7 billion and sites like Facebook has grown to get more than 2 billion active users per month. Not only Facebook other platforms like twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. have their own significant share of dedicated users. So many people now using social media to mark their identity amongst the other users and now it has become extremely difficult to create an effective social media presence when the sites are so much overcrowded. But here are some strategies that if followed could help you to mark an effective social media presence.

1 Identify your target audience and set your goals accordingly. It is very important to know the section of the people that you are going to engage through your content. Recognizing the target audience and then the right platform to target them is the very first step to mark your presence amongst them.

  1. Develop relevant content and posts that suites your personality and is something which the audience can relate to. To keep them engaging you need to make them feel wanted and deliver content that they find interesting and relatable.
  2. Keeping yourself updated with the current trends on the respective social media platforms that you are using is important to deliver the right content to your audience. Tracking what is currently in trend helps you personalize your content for your audience more effectively.
  3. Stay constantly active on all the platforms to increase your reach and followers. Keeping the frequency of the post sufficient enough lets your audience feel connected to you and anticipate your net move anxiously. They start following you religiously and this is going to increase your loyal customer base. Being constantly active will also let you know your audience mood through their responses on your content.
  4. Making your profile known to people is very important for increasing your reach. Adding signatures and links to your mails, icons, logos, tagline, LinkedIn profile etc. will make you known amongst new set of audience and may force them to check your other social media account thereby increasing your presence.
  5. Use social media tracking tools to monitor your performance on various platforms. Using tracking software for knowing your followers, post engagements page visits, posts likes etc. helps you compare the data with the previous one and let you know whether you are going in the right direction or not. Running paid ad campaigns for marketing something needs to be tracked in order to know whether it is worth spending the amount or not. This will help you introspect on your current strategies and make forward strides accordingly.

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