Our First Ever Weekly Round-Up!

It’s our first ever Weekly Round-Up! If you don’t know it already, it is great for your own personal finances to read a regular diet of ideas, experience, and advice from a variety of bloggers. Here are some of the great posts that have been out there in the last while.


“Early Retirement Extreme Isn’t Our Goal”.

Leading up to the launch of  this web site, Laurie and I were both struck by this great post by Emily at Simple Cheap Mom. Emily is a contented, highly frugal, stay-at-home mom who has decided that she is OK being “not-so-badass.”

“How Insourcing Strengthened Our Marriage”

I can’t stand house cleaning, but in this post from the Frugalwoods, Mrs. FW explains that by taking on household tasks together, she and her husband have enjoyed a side-benefit of frugality: They have developed excellent levels of communication, and they work as an effective team. Frugality is good for marriage. Who knew?

“Using Intermittent Spending To Stay On Budget”

Travis from Enemy of Debt knows exactly what it is to turn his money situation around. He paid off $109,000 in credit card debt, and he continues to give excellent strategies about personal finances. This intermittent spending idea is great.

“Debt, It’s Been Real”

Ryan broke up with debt at Melanie’s Dear Debt site. I love the invitation Melanie extends to us all to break our relationships with debt. Give it a try! It is therapeutic and motivating to write a Dear Debt letter. I know from experience.

“#Girl Boss Series: Lisa Nichols”

Michelle from The Shop My Closet Project has been inspired by Lisa Nichols. She’s put her inspiration to words in her latest post, and now I’m inspired too. “I am my rescue.” Love it!

“Raising Happy Children – A Frugal Family Benefit”

In a society where parents so often lavish love on their children through purchases, it can seem harsh to establish frugal boundaries. Jason from froogalism.com points out the many great gifts of value that we give to our children when frugality is fundamental to their upbringing.

“How in GOD’s NAME do you spend so little on food??

J. Money at Budget’s are $exy is hosting a bit of a duel of the alpha male variety at his site. Braden is so baffled by Ben’s frugal food budget that he calls “SHENANIGANS and MALARKEY all at once!!!!” I think Braden needs a little dose of fruclassity. Start where you are, Braden! You don’t need to keep up with either the Jonses OR Ben!


It’s been a wonderful first week at Fruclassity.com! Please consider signing up to join the Fruclassity movement! Community can make all the difference to the financial direction of a person, a family, and whole nations!






14 comments on “Our First Ever Weekly Round-Up!

  1. Congrats on a fabulous first week, Fruclassity! Many thanks for including my post–I really appreciate it :). I completely agree on the importance of community in fostering a supportive, motivating environment within which we can all explore, discuss, and pursue our financial goals. It’s such a wonderful thing to have like-minded personal finance buddies!

    1. It’s a great idea, Travis. Just being able to say, when you think you NEED to make a purchase NOW, “No, not yet,” is huge! Intermittent spending leads people to defer in this culture of instant gratification. Great stuff : )

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