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Best Personal Finance Experts to follow on Twitter

Personal finance is a domain where everyone from the age of 18 to the age of 80 needs help and advice to go forward. Whether you are in the heat to search for a job or whether you are a salaried person looking to take out the most out of your salary or even if you are a retired pensioner looking to live life comfortably solely on your pension, all of these require a finance expert for advice and expertise. Twitter has become a good platform to gain quick knowledge from people handling their handles themselves which is unlike other platforms. Looking at this, we have come up with a list of Financial Experts that you need to follow on Twitter to get help with your personal finance management.

1. Farnoosh Torabi( @FARNOOSH)

An expert who has pulled herself out of a debt of 30,000 dollars on a modest Salary, Farnoosh Torabi has a no-nonsense approach to solving your personal finance problems whether it’s debt or low salary. A best-selling author and host to Yahoo Finance’s popular show Financially Fit. She is a person who has an active Twitter handle and regularly posts knowledgeable content to help you deal with your own finances.

2. Clark Howard (@ClarkHoward)

With nearly 88,000 thousand followers on Twitter, Clark Howard is not that popular financial expert but surely a sound one. Known for starting discussions and posting blogs and short videos from his shows and websites, Clark Howard aims at helping people stay clear of Financial Mishaps and advise them on how to handle money. This twitter feed is a convenient place to look at and stay informed about the result of recent and upcoming financial deals and stay clear of upcoming financial rip-offs.

3. Lauren Young (@LaurenYoung)

As a wealth editor at Reuters, Lauren Young is very vocal about financial crises and mishaps and always pursues things to the root of the problem. She herself said once that she doesn’t believe in asking questions, rather she demands in demanding an answer from those at the root and cause of the crisis. As a bold and knowledgeable person, she is one good person to follow on twitter and stay aware of everything that goes in the financial world.

4. Jean Chatzky (@JeanChatzky)

Having a full-time job as Finance Editor of the Today Show on NBC, Jean Chatzky tries to keep her followers aware of the latest news in the sector personal finance. Whether it is learning how to start saving for your retirement or ways to protect your identity from crooks, Jean tries to help her followers gain a better knowledge of the financial world and stay clear of cheating and theft.

5. Jeff Rose (@jjeffrose)

Jeff Rose is the owner of and CEO of Alliance Wealth Management, in short, he is a person who knows his way with money. Jeff uses his Twitter handle to share his content with his followers. Apart from this he also shares valuable insights into things related to personal finance, plus he’s very responsive to queries of his followers on Twitter. All in all, it is a complete package.

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