How To Take Control Of Your Own Finances By Becoming A Day Trader

Nearly everyone in the world nurtures dreams of becoming independently wealthy. While not all traders will achieve this vaunted status, there is no doubt that you will be able to take better control of your finances by embracing a few simple (and yet underrated) tactics. Let’s see how this concept applies to the world of […]

mutual funds

New portfolio of equity mutual funds for your Long Term Wealth

Equity mutual funds like Equities have given fluctuating returns, at times lopsidedly high and here and there wretchedly poor. These funds, over a time of 5 years furthermore, have given a normal return of 12-15%. This infers financial investors can twofold their interests in 5-6 years’ time period. Anyway, how can one approach choose the […]

Laughter therapy

Laugh to Stay Healthy and Stay Fit

In today’s busy and unhealthy routines, it is difficult to manage time for our loved ones, make time for our friends who themselves are busy with their on life and circumstances. With booming population, the competition is getting fierce day by day. Everybody has to go a notch higher to prove himself/herself. Amidst all these […]