How to Answer the Most Important Question in any Interview


No interview is complete without the one throwaway question – Do you have any questions for us?
Well, after dodging off the difficult questions, when you begin to relax thinking you’ve probably made a decent impression upon your interviewers, they put forward this question.
Honestly, this question may be the one opportunity that lets you distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd. With some preparation and some tips, you could conquer the perfect questions for your interviewer:

  • Don’t be so surprised when your interviewer asks this question – this is way too common for that. Instead of being surprised, be prepared. Carry a small notepad along with you and jot down important notes.
  • Now having all the technical and theoretical knowledge of the world won’t help you if you don’t even know what the initials of the company that is hiring you stands for. Do your research about the company you are heading for, its products and services, the job profile you are interviewing for, etc. Make sure you do your homework so that you don’t end up asking questions regarding something that you should have known already. Also, don’t ask any questions that have been answered indirectly by your interviewer already. This would just been you aren’t attentive.
  • Don’t ask questions that make them uncomfortable – something outside of work, anything personal, anything regarding salary, compensation and benefits. A wrong impression throws a negative impression of you as a potential employee.
  • Don’t end up asking too many questions, you don’t want to irritate them.
  • Avoid any controversial question about something you’ve read on the internet or in the news.
  • Keep your questions simple and move on. Don’t ask a question that will confuse the interviewer.
  • Ask them for a feedback about you – *DISCLAIMER* Ask them about yourself only if you are confident enough. Be confident, don’t be haughty.
  • Speak clearly and keep your words simple. You are not going to impress them with a confusing vocabulary of course.

This question allows you to portray your overall understanding of the company’s agenda. The right question will show your level of engagement during the interview and gives an impression that you value this job. You don’t have to have a very interesting or thought-provoking question for your interviewers, but, just enough that shows that you have invested time and energy into knowing more about the company.

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