alternate career for engineer

Alternate Career Options for Engineers

An alarming number of  3.5 million engineers pass out each year in the whole world. The market is not huge enough to cater to such high number of graduates. The only solution is to look for alternate career options.

The curriculum, over the duration of four years, thankfully imparts numerous skills to engineering students. Communication, creativity, project management, critical thinking and problem solving being a few of them. With these skill set, anyone can land up a decent job or open up their own venture. Moreover, these skills are required in different job sectors apart from the industry like IT, entrepreneurship, financing, banking, commerce, management.

A few viable career options are listed below.

  • Operations Management

Operations management is an important link between the different parts of the manufacturing process and the business side of a manufacturing organisation. The role is often based around the supply chain – operations managers can be involved in anything from buying raw materials to the logistics of delivery to customers. The aim is to assess and improve the day-to-day running of, for example, a manufacturing plant, by implementing systems to increase productivity and reduce costs. You also need to plan ahead and put strategies in place for future development.

  • Entrepreneur

Anyone with a new, innovative idea and the will to face the challenges of starting something can become an entrepreneur. You just need good communication skills and leadership qualities.

  • Logistics

Logistics includes transfer of materials from one place to the other. For instance, the transferance of raw materials to factory. It requires the application of problem solving skills and logical reasoning. Every situation needs to be analysed from a cost benefit point of view. Clarity of thought and good communication skills are essential to make the right decision. Added to that one needs to be accurate too. The task is too lower the transportation cost as much as possible.

  • Patent law and intellectual property

With the increasing awareness about the intellectual property rights, there is demand for such legal professionals who specialise in patents and are qualified to obtain, write and advise clients these things. Such a person is your patent attorney. They have to work for the protection of technological innovations. No legal background is required as such but technical expertise is necessary. Apart from  that one has to be comfortable dealing with clients.

  • Teacher

If you do not wish to continue your career as an engineer but still love the subject then you always have the option of imparting the same to budding and aspiring engineering students who share the same passion for this field.

  • Technical consultant

With mega industries shifting their focus to environmental friendly ways, the need of technical consultants is on the rise. They need technical people who will be able to guide them from finding location for setting up a plant to deciding the mode of transportation for their raw materials and products. Apart from that they also need an technical insight into the business aspect of the industry. You need to have strong technical knowledge and good communication skills.

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