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6 Marketing Mistakes You Cannot Make

Over the years the field of marketing has diversified greatly. To stay in the game, marketers have to make changes from time to time. With so many things to do at the same time, this job may not be a piece of cake, and you might be walking on a fine line. A few mistakes may cost you a lot of money and customers. Take a note of the following blunders and keep your marketing in sync:

  • Not creating meaningful experiences for your customers. If you are still sending mass messages or emails by simply addressing your customers with their first names you are probably doing it wrong. It is important to consider individualized insights into notice.
  • Most marketers don’t follow the 80/20 cardinal rule – where you spend 80 percent of your efforts into providing your customers with quality and value and the rest 20 percent goes into the promotional activities to keep them engaged and interested in your product. This 80-20 rule helps in building a trustful long-term relationship.
  • The third mistake will be not paying any attention to retention marketing. Everyone focuses on getting in new customers, while ignoring the old customers. How difficult is it to understand that it is easier to sell products to someone who has already bought from you? The probability of selling to an old customer is higher than selling to a new customer. The core of good customer service is bringing old customers back and attracting new ones. Loyal Customers buy more and are often willing to pay more and hence create a steadier cash flow for your business.
  • Marketers not keeping their content marketing game up, can actually ruin their business. Blog, review, article, basically content. So you get the idea that content is the main ingredient of all online forums. Hence a lot of efforts are put into perfecting the content.
  • It is important to explore new channels for marketing in order to avoid any stagnation of growth. The World Wide Web is growing at a high speed, with so many new aspects every day. So, a good marketer would explore and choose relevant platforms to connect with the audiences.
  • People need to get over the emails as the promotional tool – that was too 1990s and it is time to move on. You need to realize that email marketing has to be used as an engagement tool than a promotional tool, which consistent trust based company-client relationship.

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