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5 Ways to Improve your Company Culture

Ever heard of the phrase happy workers make better workers? Your company’s environment and culture is what that determines your employee’s enthusiasm towards work. One of the best mantras to increase your company’s productivity is to have a culture in which your employee feels happy to work in and is hence enthusiastic to take up new challenges.

Company culture is the personality of your company. It includes a lot of different elements like company mission, value, ethics, work environment and expectations. Now the question is, how can your company represent the connection between culture and the bottom line? Here are 5 ways to improve company culture:

  • Build culture as your company’s immune system

A healthy company that values every employee’s contribution directly affects the employee’s performance. It helps the company grow and in turn develops a sense of commitment for the employee towards the company that ensures retention. In a culture that has deteriorated considerably, the employee’s capacity to work through tough challenges is compromised and he becomes susceptible to the toxic elements that make work seem like an exhausting task. In this scenario, it is very important that the company builds a healthy culture where the employees can collectively identify toxic elements and then reject them.

  • Meet the demand for purpose

People now expect the brands they use to stand for certain principles beyond profit. The greatest example of which is the controversy surrounding Nike’s campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick. Authenticity is the foundation of trust towards the brand and this authenticity rises from the principles and ideals the company follows. Building trust with your consumer is very difficult if your employees themselves don’t feel they are part of an authentic and trusting culture.

  • Openness is the key to success

Transparency in a company’s culture is the key to fix unavoidable problems before the crisis hits. The identification of these problems happens when there is transparency between the hierarchy and communication is easier. Every time a mistake comes to light in the company, the company gets one step closer to a culture built for growth rather than just maintenance.

  • Build resilient teams

It is important to create a culture that values building teams. In times of difficult challenges working in teams help overcome the challenge more efficiently than individualistic efforts. Teams offer support, reinforce incentives, build empathy and strengthen resilience.

  • Use crisis as an opportunity to improve

The stakeholders often protect the status quo and defend it in order to evade negative consequences of the same. Hence any crisis that happens as a result of an overlooked cultural problem provides an opportunity to make cultural changes that is, at times, harder to implement without a catalyst. Catharsis is the way to build a company that believes in growth.  The goal of the company when a crisis hits shouldn’t be one to just get over it but instead to come up with a culture that is stronger than ever before.

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