Marketing plan

Strategies to Create a More Effective Social Media Presence

Social media a recent form of expression has grown immensely over the past 2 decades. With the world population reaching more than 7 billion and sites like Facebook has grown to get more than 2 billion active users per month. Not only Facebook other platforms like twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. have their own significant […]


Top 5 Photography Tips for Absolute Beginners

Do you wish to start an official Facebook page or Instagram account to reach to people and fuel in your photography interests? Here are some tips that could help you get great shots. Read on the following photography tips for absolute beginners to help get you started: Get to know your camera and its settings well. Pull […]

Manage Email

How to Manage Your Emails More Efficiently

Emails have been the most important tools of communication in the corporate world. Unlike teenagers and youngsters, business doesn’t happen on text messages or WhatsApp groups. Emails have been and still are very effective when it comes to connecting to clients, employees, employers, or customers as a part of marketing campaigns. New features coming up […]


How to Answer the Most Important Question in any Interview

  No interview is complete without the one throwaway question – Do you have any questions for us? Well, after dodging off the difficult questions, when you begin to relax thinking you’ve probably made a decent impression upon your interviewers, they put forward this question. Honestly, this question may be the one opportunity that lets […]

Customer service elements

Elements of a Great Customer Service Team

The main aim of any firm, big or small, is customer satisfaction. No one likes to be delivered a defected product. What adds to the frustration is when you contact the company to repair or replace it, the company doesn’t respond in a satisfactory manner. As much as the revenues are important for effective business, […]

holiday season sales graph

How can You Take Advantage of the Festive Season to Boost Your Sales

Festivities put an undue stress on people under which they will buy stuff even in hardest of times. This is the perfect situation that can be taken advantage of. Only a small effort made at your end will boost the sales manifold. In any part of the world, everyone waits the whole year for the […]