online ad writing

Tips for Writing Attention Grabbing Headlines for your Online Ads

Just as with newspapers, on websites and social media, the headline is what swings the difference in response. It is in the very first second of the reading of your headline that the customer makes his decision, whether or not he wants to read further. HEADLINE: So firstly remember to incorporate the keywords your customer […]

sales presentation

How to Nail a Sales Presentation

Selling is an art. So how do you master this art of connecting with a prospect and getting him all excited about your offering? The most reliable sales strategy lies in your presentation. Take these tips and crush more sales than ever! Keep it Short and Simple- Nobody likes to listen to someone ramble on […]

money market

Consider These Five Alternative Ways Of Trading Online

Trading online has been on the rise in the recent years due to the ever-increasing technology and the expansion of the stock markets. It has brought about trading innovation, and an increase in the trading instruments available to a trader. Many changes are taking place, and some markets have even attempted to eat into each […]


Paying for yourself is the first step independence

Independence is a broad term defining different boundaries for different individuals. But in it’s basic sense it means to be not dependent on anything. To be absolutely free of any inhibitions. Financial independence has a significant importance. The sense of freedom that financial independence gives is irreplaceable. Because it is the first step independence. It […]

alternate career for engineer

Alternate Career Options for Engineers

An alarming number of  3.5 million engineers pass out each year in the whole world. The market is not huge enough to cater to such high number of graduates. The only solution is to look for alternate career options. The curriculum, over the duration of four years, thankfully imparts numerous skills to engineering students. Communication, […]

survive after losing your job

Surviving The First Few Months After Losing Your Job

There is a high likelihood that, just like me, you know of someone who recently lost their job, and the adjustment is harder than ever imagined. Unless one had a large income and managed their money well after losing their job, survival is difficult. Just think about it, you get used to a constant cash […]

Getting the Most out of Free Trading Tools

When you start out as a day trader, one of the most important things you need to be aware of is your overhead. The lower your regular expenses, the easier it will be for you to make a profit. While that seems like basic business sense, it is especially important because you can take big […]

Sold, Part 2!!

To our beloved readers: An opportunity came up to sell Fruclassity and we felt the time was right to jump on it!!  THANK you for all of your support in the past couple of years. You’ve all been such a blessing to us!! I feel like I should modify this post and explain a bit […]